Join us at GraphQL Day Toronto!

GraphQL Day Toronto is a single-day conference focusing on all things GraphQL. Learn more about what GraphQL can do, hear from a lineup of thought leaders in the space, and meet other decision makers with similar issues that can be solved with GraphQL.

28th February, 2019
TELUS Digital, Toronto


Marc-André Giroux


Scott Walkinshaw


Chang Wang

Apollo GraphQL

Antoine Genereux

AWS Canada

Andrew Kumar

Head of Product Development, Digital Platforms, TELUS

Bill Li

API Platform Developer, TELUS

Leanne Shapton

Software Developer, Shopify

Suresh Subasinghe

Director, Digital Platform Architecture, Air Canada

Erica Pisani

Full Stack Engineer, BenchSci

Ryan Chenkie

Full Stack JavaScript Developer, Trainer, and Google Developer Expert


08:00 AM - 09:00 AM

Breakfast & Registration

9:00 AM

Opening Remarks

9:05 AM

So you want to distribute your GraphQL schema?

Marc-Andre Giroux

9:50 AM

Building serverless applications with AWS AppSync

Antoine Genereux

10:35 AM



Mocking and automocking for tests and storybooks

Chang Wang

11:45 AM

Teaching GraphQL  —  lessons from a beginner

Leanne Shapton

12:30 AM


1:30 PM

Supercharge your schemas with custom directives

Ryan Chenkie

2:15 PM

Build for unlimited and always changing customer experiences with GraphQL

Andrew Kumar & Bill Li

3:00 PM


3:25 PM

GraphQL caching

Scott Walkinshaw

4:10 PM

Managing TypeScript and GraphQL types in Node

Erica Pisani

4:22 PM

How Air Canada is accelerating digital transformation using GraphQL

Suresh Subasinghe

4:34 PM



4:45 PM

Closing remarks

4:50 PM



GraphQL Fundamentals Training

  • Why use GraphQL?
  • GraphQL syntax
  • Introduction to Apollo Client Sending queries on the client
  • Triggering mutations on the client Introduction to Apollo Server
  • Writing type definitions Mapping types to data with resolver functions

Advanced GraphQL Training

  • Server-side rendering & best practices
  • GraphQL Subscriptions Schema stitching Caching and batching
  • GraphQL operations with Dataloader Imperative client cache updates
  • with update API Optimistic UI in response to a mutation GraphQL in production with Apollo Engine

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Conference Admission
Starts at $495
Conference Training + Admission

Tickets for GraphQL Day Toronto include entry to the conference, delicious eats, and reception.

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